Brianpen Birds - Granada, Spain Bird List from 31 May, 2010


Bird List, Granada, Spain, 31 May 2010

Below the Alhambra
Darro River valley
Brushy grassland
I hiked up the Darro River valley from Plaza de los Tristes up about 1.5 miles following trails on the traversing the steep slope on the south/west side of the river. Dense broadleaf trees and shrubs in the riparian, homes and small fields interspersed with trees on the far side of the stream and shrubby grassland on the near hillside, with oakwoods and maquis taking over farther up the valley.
I counted 27 species in three hours beginning at 0745 and covering about 3 miles. Weather sunny, temp 65-80F.
SpeciesNotes Booted Eagle 1 Soaring along open ridge S/W of Darro River Collared Dove 2 Dry grass slope w/ scattered oaks Rock Dove 15 In/near town Woodpigeon 4 Over valley Common Swift 300 overhead Red-rumped Swallow 2 Pair over shrubby grassy slope Gray Wagtail 1 Along river by Plaza de los Tristes. High, sharp "syieeet syieeet syieeet" calls. yellow below w/ black throat, gray above, dips tail like pipit. Wren 9 Numerous in riparian. Rich full song. Robin 4 Riparian broadleaf woods Nightingale 4 One seen, others singing in riparian woods Stonechat 4 Black head and reddish breast separated by white collar. White on wing sometimes conspicuous, sometimes not. Rump whitish or at least pale. One bird I noted had white corners at base of tail, perhaps a Whinchat, but I didn't see a pale stripe over the eye. Blackbird 5 All habitats, little singing. They do sing early morning and late afternoon from buildings and antennas in town. Sardinian Warbler 2 Small and dark, gray-brown above w/ long tail pumped in flight. Low "kshkshksh" scolding notes. Not seen well. Blackcap 11 Common in riaprian woods Spotted Flycatcher 2 Riparian trees near town Blue Tit 2 Oak woods Great Tit 3 Riparian Golden Oriole 3 One seen, probable source of the meadowlark-like song, clear notes slurred downward "teliurr" or "teeeliurrr" Spotless Starling 15 Flock over valley, and others Jay 1 in woods below Alhambra Magpie 6 Individuals and groups on opens slopes House Sparrow 15 Town and near ruined buildings Serin 10 Common, songs heard frequently Greenfinch 4 Widespread. "zheeer" call Goldfinch 6 Pairs in grassland w/ scattered trees, also in riparian near town. Cirl Bunting 2 Yellowish below w/ black throat/chin, grayish breast and pattern of yellow (appeared white) lines above and below eye, appearing to meet behind eye. Song a monotone trill much like a junco but not as musical. Rock Bunting 1 Brownish w/ black and white stripes on gray head, grassland w/ shrubs.
Booted Eagle
Spotted Flycatcher
Gray Wagtail