Brian's Journal - Summer 2007

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6/25/2007 mcd, showers and thundershowers, 48-58
Thunderstorm arrival
Two minutes later
A dramatic thunderstorm blew through today with wind-driven hail up to a third of an inch across. Lightening twice crackled through the sky within a second of the house. Our roof, the road, the driveway and garden were white. I was out in the garden as the storm approached and came in to unplug the electronics but didn't think to cover the plants. The hail flattened the leaf lettuce, shredded the bok choi, punched holes in the zucchini and eggplant and snapped leaves and shoots
Shredded Zucchini
The garden
off the tomato plants but I think most things will recover. The beans and cucumbers were still standing in beds of ice pellets at sunset.
I had plans for the day but intimidated by the effort involved, didn't accomplish much. Folded and put away clothes. Polished a few rocks. Fixed some bugs on the Maniacs site, for which I have completed everything except the password change and bulk mail pages. I'm waiting for Tony to give me access to r?.com where the Maniacs pages are hosted.
This morning I read the Sermon on the Mount in Matthew for my devotional time. I resumed reading the Bible in the morning last week after conversations with Gary and Zack over the previous week or two. This morning's reading was typical in that I found a number of points on which I fall short and little in the way of encouragement. Salt that loses its flavor, a light under a basket, breaking the commandments, looking at a woman with lust, loving only those who love me in return - I can identify with all of these. Afterward I objected to Jesus that I found only condemnation in His Word and He responded "God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world, but that the world through Him might be saved; ...neither do I condemn you. Do you believe me?" or something to that effect. He then referred me again to the verse He gave me through the evangelist after I was baptized: "You whom I have taken from the ends of the earth and called from its farthest regions and said to you, 'You are my servant, I have chosen you and have not cast you away: Fear not, for I am
with you; be not dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you, yes, I will help you, I will uphold you with My righteous right hand.'" Is 41:9,10. This time I decided to believe Him, for He has repeatedly reminded me of this, and has never indicated that He condemns me, while I always in almost all things tend to condemn myself. But if there is anything I believe about the Lord, it is that He called me and specifically gave me those verses in Isaiah. So I cannot explain why I am accepted in spite of my failure to bear fruit after all these years, but with His assistance and contrary to evidence from my own life, I will henceforth believe Him in this.
6/26/2007 pc, quiet, 48-68
Barn swallow
White-throated sparrow
This morning I read Matthew 9:13: "But go and learn what this means: 'I desire mercy and not sacrifice.' For I did not come to call the righteous, but sinners, to repentance.". The righteous here are those who earn God's favor by their sacrifices. They don't acknowledge the need of a Savior and don't accept His call. As a result, they don't share His character of mercy. God calls sinners who recognize their need and respond to His call. As sinners, they have nothing, neither mercy nor repentance, to commend themselves to Him. The character to which they are called is His gift to them which He will give them as/after they come to Him. Likewise with repentance, the prerequisite to conversion - it too is the gift of God, received after the sinner responds to His call. Repentance has always been a hurdle I've been unable to surmount; I have never been able to come up with true repentance in my heart. But if I understand this verse correctly, it is something God works in my heart as I receive Him.

Daniel flipping off roof
Orchid blooming since 5/26
Daniel and I drove down to Portland in the evening to buy a used slalom kayak he'd found on the Internet. I wasn't excited about the long drive but was looking forward to the opportunity to spend some time with him. We talked some about our spiritual experiences. I described my chronic doubt and recent acceptance that Jesus will save me. Daniel explained that he knows by faith that he is saved because he has asked Jesus to save him and believes that he does. There was more - about sin, about how difficult it is to perceive the work of the Holy Spirit within ourselves, about how soon Jesus will come, the time of Jacob's trouble - we talked most of the way from Olympia to Portland. When we reached our destination we found two kayaks available so I bought the second one so we could paddle together. Recreational kayaks are completely different now, short stubby plastic boats designed for playing in holes and running
Poppies (by David)
water we used to consider extreme. The slalom boats are fiberglass but flatter and sharper-edged than the boats I used 25 years ago - harder to fit into too, or maybe it's just that I'm older and stiffer now. Talking about kayaking brought back old memories of fitting and fixing boats, learning to paddle, playing in whitewater, the anticipatory fear before a new run - not quite sure I want to take this sport up again. Another memory from the past, J is still at the heart of the northwest kayaking scene, even racing on the US masters team.
6/30/2007 Red Top Mountain hike sunny, 60-75
David was invited to go rafting on the Wenatchee for the birthday party of one of the girls in his CWA group. Daniel wanted to kayak but I didn't think he should do the run alone without having ever seen it and I'm not ready. Daniel and I tried out our new boats the other evening out at Deep Lake and although I rolled twice I could barely squeeze myself into the boat and couldn't use the footpegs at all - not quite ready for a
Rayless Composite
Scarlet Gilia
long whitewater run. Daniel's boat fits him great and is a definitely a step up from his boat at school. The birthday party ended up with one too many participants to fit in the minivan so we needed to drive too, then at the last minute someone cancelled and Daniel decided to take their place instead of hiking up Red Top with me.
White Shooting Star
Tiger Lily
The boys dropped me off at the first creek crossing after the fork in the road. Pat had heard a report that agates were just lying around on the surface up one of the creeks on Red Top, so I decided to take the opportunity to check it out. Apparently I got the wrong creek, but I had a nice hike up counting birds and photographing flowers, then dug for a while up on top before meeting the G's and digging some more. The Forest Service has been running a bulldozer through the woods filling up all the holes. Makes it harder to find a place to dig - probably their objective. I found a couple of holes they'd missed and expanded them modestly. The first, at the north edge of the digging area, was a bust but in an hour of digging at the second hole I found about 15lbs of eggs. The mosquitos were fairly numerous in the woods and only just barely deterred by DEET. Caleb videoed flowers and Danny rode his mountain bike while Curtis, Josh and I dug for eggs.
7/07/2007Mt Rainier - Sunrise sunny, 60
Rainier from Sunrise
Avalanche Lilies
We didn't actually make it up to Sunrise until near sunset. Jackie came with us; a friend of Daniel's from Eco Dorm, she's been visiting her aunt and uncle in Kirkland for the past several days. Her aunt brought her down from Kirkland after we returned from church. The boys and I went for the first time in quite a while. Bill preached on just what I've experienced recently, our need to persevere in coming to Jesus, trusting Him for our salvation rather than looking to ourselves for evidence of progress. I took it as confirmation that my recent experience is from Jesus. Ironically my sore back may be another confirmation in that the enemy attacks us more vigorously when we draw near to God. I believe I've made a significant advance in choosing to accept His grace and believe in His love. Now I have an opportunity to trust Him in my sore back, which has only become worse over the past 5 days as I've attempted to exercise through it. It threatens to prevent me from all of the activities I was looking forward to during my upcoming leave - running, hiking, biking, rock-hunting, kayaking. I will trust Jesus in this too though, knowing that He does love me so I need not fear what He permits to happen to me.
Scarlet Paintbrush
Crimson Paintbrush
A broken layer of high clouds drifted over in the afternoon so the light wasn't always as good as we'd hoped but David and I took pictures anyhow. The rangers scolded us for trampling with our bare feet the new vegetation emerging in the meadows where we'd ventured to photograph yellow avalanche lilies. Perhaps elk hooves are gentler. Susan came with us so that Jackie would feel more comfortable and enjoyed being out for the first time in a long while - it's been several years since we've been up to the mountains together. Daniel brought his snowboard and found one narrow snowfield which was still continuous from the ridgecrest west of the lodge down to the valley beyond. He handled it without much difficulty while I took pictures and Susan held her breath. While he climbed
Daniel snowboarding
back up to us I hiked a little further up the trail in search of photo ops, found several. On the way back home Susan let Jackie drive. I admired the loving way she instructed and reassured her, a way that the world doesn't often offer. Back at Ranchito's the chips and salsa were delicious as always.
7/12/2007 pc, 82
Dramatic sunset as Daniel and I picked up the last bales of hay from a field Zack mowed. The mammary clouds developed quickly and dissipated just as quickly. I called David on his cell phone to alert him to go out and take photos since I didn't have my camera but the clouds were already losing their shape by the time he made it outside.
7/13/2007 Home - showers, then pc, 81
Last day of work before my unofficial "Sabbatical". I swam early at Deep Lake before picking up Marc. Misty gray stratus hung very low over the plateau as I drove towards the foothills. No-one was at the park except for the caretakers. As I walked past them the stillness was broken by the snap and crash of a tree limb falling out of sight on the other side of the parking lot. The water was fairly warm due to recent very hot weather; I used my sleeveless wetsuit nonetheless, as much for safety as for warmth. Underneath me the water was dark gray green grading into the usual dull green up ahead of me and a pearly gray right at the surface. Quite pretty. A drizzly haze obscured the alder and fir at the far end of the lake. It felt good to be active again after almost a week with no exercise and I swam vigorously for about 30 minutes. Just as I was getting back out of the water I saw a quick flash in the sky followed by thunder ten seconds later, and big raindrops splashed across the still water around me. The heavy rain held off until after I'd changed and was on my way to Marc's.
California Quail
At work I sat in several meetings and provided direction on a couple of architectural decisions for Zeus. As I did so I wondered how the conversation would have gone in my absence. It seemed to me that my contributions in both meetings helped bring two somewhat disparate parties - two tecnical teams in the first case, and the project sponsor and user representative in the second - to a consensus. I think they would have come to the same conclusions, though perhaps not as quickly or easily, had I not been there, but it didn't seem that anyone else on our team could fill my role. It will be interesting to see if in my absence someone else on the team steps up to provide that combination of technical understanding and business knowledge. Busy with meetings, interviews and lunch out at Chantanee, I didn't make any progress on the various tasks I needed to complete before leaving.
7/15/2007 pc, 78
Didn't quite reach 80 today but felt warmer than that due to the humidity. We attended Shane and Caitlin's wedding at the airstrip in the morning. Pastor Bill officiated and Justin held Chloe, now 9(?) months old. They were married some time ago
Swee fixed a nice supper
3 feet in a yard (F,P,G)
in a civil service after Caitlin decided to keep the baby and Shane decided to marry Caitlin. I think the wedding reflects a reconciliation of sorts between the families and between the young couple and the church. The weather cooperated with sunshine and a few clouds for shade. Birds accompanied the musical prelude, including a pileated woodpecker, Hutton's vireo, Wilson's warbler and a western tanager. The Hutton's was only the second I've heard this summer, the first being at the Lake Youngs Ultra.
In the afternoon I ran 17 miles - the Green Valley loop clockwise. It was hot and I was very tired the last couple of miles, finished 3lbs lighter than when I started despite drinking a pint and a half of Gatorade during the run.
The Kayak
7/18/2007 Rain all day, but only 0.3" accumulation. I went in to work in the late afternoon and packed up my rocks, brought a couple boxes home after talking with Linh for an hour or so .
On the way in to work I met Steve (K.A.S. Transport) and picked up Daniel's kayak. It survived the long cross-country trip with no problems at all, and no moisture made it through the inner layer of plastic wrap and old flannel sheets.
7/20/2007 Rain all day again, 0.7" this time. I ordered a new domain,, from godaddy. I plan to put the Rattlesnake Marathon site under it, as well as the Maniacs pages, rather than use Planted beets by the workshop.
7/21/2007 Sabbath Humid today but no rain, and even some sunshine mid-morning. I ran the Crescent Forest ultra, an informal little race on trails and logging roads through a private woodlot in Gig Harbor. I wasn't sure I'd be able to do the whole thing but felt stronger on my third and fourth laps than on the first two. Ran with Monte most of the way after birding the first couple of laps. Highlight was a mixed flock of small birds which included two Wilson's, an Orange-crowned and a Black-throated gray warbler in addition to chickadees, kinglets? and a downy woodpecker. Nice view of a flying pileated too.
7/22/2007 Rain all day again, 0.4" Yesterday at lunch after the race Steve Barrick encouraged Monte and I to consider doing the Tahoe Triple because he was thinking of doing it if he could have someone to run with, so this morning I spent a couple hours researching places to stay and figuring what it would take to go down there and run it. Susan sounds as though she'd be interested in spending a few days at Lake Tahoe. Cost is a bit of a deterrent, about $1500 for the three days, so I'm not sure about it yet. In the afternoon I created a website for the Rattlesnake Lake marathon, a little marathon Monte and I (and our families) are planning to host this August 19. It took all afternoon but turned out pretty well.
Tree frog (David)
7/23/2007 Still cloudy but mostly dry. Went for a walk with Susan this morning, 2 miles, then ran 3 miles in the afternoon. Quads a little stiff and sore from the long run two days ago. I spent most of the day working on the Maniac site, fixing the remaining bugs (that I know about). Talking to Tony about automatic calculation of statistics, we realized that we need a way to determine, for any period of time, who upgraded their star count or passed a milestone like 100 marathons. That means I need to log changes to statistics. In thinking about it I decided to implement the ability to manually save a snapshot of statistics rather than logging all changes - it's easier and should be sufficient to meet the need for periodic, ie monthly, reporting for the newsletter. I spent the afternoon coding that change.
I think maybe the Vaux's swifts in the chimney fledged today - we haven't heard them all day. Also on our walk, Susan and I saw and heard a few rough-winged swallows over Henderson's field. If they showed up at our house, they'd be a new yard bird.
7/24/2007 Return of the sunshine. Beautiful day, 70 and partly cloudy, but today was the day for deploying the new Maniacs site so I spent much of it at the computer working on the data extract and setting up the new site under I did take time to walk down to the river with Susan and the boys. Not many birds active but there were still a few bank swallows coursing up and down over the water. In the evening I played tennis with Daniel, David and Zack. 23 games was probably overdoing it a little. Zack and I played singles then we all played doubles until it got dark. Back home I ended up staying up until 2AM redoing the data extract after Tony pointed out some problems with missing data.
Installed and tried out the new speed reading software yesterday, and got David to try it today. He tested at 260 wpm in lesson 1, better than I expected. He's not self-motivated to do that, or his summer reading, for which he needs to read two books and write 20 half-page journal entries about them in the next 5 weeks. Scary thought.
7/25/2007 Another beautiful day. Another intense day of work on the Maniacs site. We're live but in response to Marc #9's reservations about Maniacs updating their own star counts I added functionality to lock star calculation and fixed several other bugs which cropped up. Also added the first help page, for My Preferences, which is perhaps the most confusing functionality in the site. In the late afternoon I took a break to run O'Grady three times. Energy petered out on the third lap but did the first two in 52 minutes, avg hr 150.
Trapped the orange tomcat in the workshop this morning. I went in there for something and startled him sleeping on the boxes on the top shelf over by the garden tools. He jumped up and raced around the workshop looking for a way out but before he found the doors I slammed them shut. I barricaded the spot behind the workbench where the sheetrock is cracked so that he won't be able to claw his way out, like he did last week through the garage window screen, then I set up the Havahart trap with a fresh can of catfood. When I didn't see him all day I wondered if he'd found a way out but after dark I searched more thoroughly and found him hiding in the corner by the garden tools again. I left him alone but I won't let him go. Twice in the past year he's attacked Puss and sent her to the vet to the tune of about $300 altogether, so he's going on a one-way trip to animal control once he gets hungry enough to take the bait.
Two new yard birds today: a screech owl hooting (pattern is an accelerating series of short hoots, like a dropped pingpong ball) at 2AM somewhere down our road, and the rough-winged swallows from down the street. Difficult to distinguish from bank swallows in flight, just a little more uniform brown above with somewhat broader wings and heavier flight, also a dusky throat and upper breast. Bank swallows show white on the sides of the throat above a dark patch; in our area at least, the dark band does not appear to cross the breast. Their flight is more buoyant and erratic and their wings a little darker than the back. The rough-wings were calling repeatedly, a short grating brrreet. Down at the river the bank swallows were silent.
7/26/2007 Feeling very anxious about the Dragnet work I haven't yet done - clenching my teeth so hard at night that I wake up with a headache. Each day I mean to do that and each day I don't get it done. After a walk this morning Susan and I went out shopping for tile for our bathroom. We need to get the tile so Chuck can proceed with work in the bathrooms. She's anxious about that - had a large hive on her tongue most of the afternoon which subsided as we reviewed and came close to selecting the stone and tile for our bathroom. The current candidates are an olive-green marble/granite with gold highlights (Golden Musk) for the vanity top and shower shelf, and a slightly crackled pearly tile with a hint of green (Grazia Rixi).
7/27/2007 More tile shopping, this time at Oregon Marble and Tile in Georgetown. We picked out a different green stone called Costa Esmerelda, a semi-glossy plain white 4" tile for the wall and a gray randomly-patterned 6" floor tile. Susan is frustrated with Chuck and with the process so I'm kind of taking over the selection and coordination of the work. She liked the stone though.
Driveway poppies
7/29/2007 Ovc, drizzle occasionally. Mowed a path through the field, found some prune plums on the nearest plum tree. Still a few raspberries and blueberries in the garden but the crowds of house finches and robins seem to have moved on.
7/30/2007 Sunny, cool. I finally did the Dragnet work, coded the changes to log skipped records to a warnings file and to load the new TPID field and to accomodate the addition of up to five new fields to the file without needing to modify the Perl script. I figured out how to encrypt a plaintext test file so that I could subsequently decrypt and process it. It's a relief to have that work done but I still need to write up and test the deployment scripts.
7/31/2007 Sunny, warm. 72 catches - new 5-bag PR. Wrapped up testing and submitted the Dragnet changes to DbOps to deploy, but didn't get to work on the Pegasus stuff. Made arrangements - flight, car, motels, race registrations - for the Wind Rivers trip the first week of September. Pocatello marathon on Saturday, Teton Trail marathon on Sunday - that'll be a tough combination.
First two swallows to fledge
Google maps enabled me to scout out the terrain and I found a number of records of hiking trips with photos which gave me an idea of how things looked at ground level. The area around Big Sandy looks like the easiest to access for a short trip with dramatic peaks, cliffs and lakes. Presumably most of the crowds will clear out on Labor Day, the day I arrive.
The barn swallows in the carport fledged, at least two of them did, today. Daniel reported that there were two more remaining in the nest. They huddled together most of the morning on the piece of wire near the nest where the adults like to perch.
8/1/2007 Sunny, warm. 60+ catches. Five fledged barn swallows hanging around the carport. Two are still reluctant to leave vicinity of the nest on the overhead light; the other three are flying around with their parents. Talked to the Pinedale ranger station today about hiking in from Big Sandy - conditions are dry, there are fish in the lakes, usage is low after Labor Day, no snowfields but may be some leftover bugs, black bears and a grizzly around but no incidents this summer, use bear canister and triangle layout (sleep, eat and store food at 3 points of triangle 100 yds on a side), parking may be tight, no passes required, non-resident fishing license $11/day, road gravel and passable for passenger cars.
FLew to NH overnight.
8/2/2007 NH - Sunny and humid, mid-90's. We descended into Boston not long after the sun rose above the haze, swinging by Manchester, Salem, Marblehead, Swampscott and Nahant before landing from the north, a more scenic route than our usual southerly approach. We stopped for eggs, waffles and fried potatoes at the Miss Wakefield diner and at Lake Chocorua for a swim (it was either that or a nap because I was falling asleep at the wheel) on our way up to Jackson. The lake water was clear enough for me to see the carpet of green vegetation like branched grass on the dark lake bottom ten feet below me while I swam. It was a little spooky, especially when I got into the water lilies. I swam up to one of the flowers. It floated on the surface with white petals open to the sky, similar in size, shape, color and sweet fragrance to the one David has growing in his greenhouse. The long stringy red stems tangled in my fingers and hooked around my ears despite my efforts to avoid them.
Late in the afternoon, after a run down Eagle Mountain house via Gil bridge, I drove down to the J-town Deli to get on the internet and check email. I was able to confirm the successful resolution of the Dragnet problem just before J-Town Deli closed for the day.
John grilled burgers and veggie dogs on the porch and we ate them with salad and fresh corn while the sun went down in a rosy haze behind Spruce.
Daniel's big leap
8/3/2007 NH - Sunny, mid-90s, humid. On the spur of the moment we decided to do a canoe/kayak trip on the Saco because the weather forecast indicated that today might be the warmest day of the week. I did a run first, about seven miles, dunked twice in the Wildcat to cool off and lost 3 lbs or more in sweat nonetheless. For the river trip we chose Northern Extreme because they did the section between North Conway and Conway that we wanted to run. The paperwork was complete
Eric untroubled by Rose
Friendly frog
in a few minutes and we were on the river a few minutes later. Daniel and I split a kayak, and a wetsuit because I forgot mine. He swam first and I paddled, then when he fell behind the paddlers he hopped in the boat and we paddled somewhat heavily the rest of the way to the gravel bar where everyone had stopped for lunch. After lunch I swam until I fell behind, but fortunately Susan waited for me so we paddled together heavily. At the big sand bank Daniel did big jumps off the edge down onto the steep sand. Downstream a ways he found a rope swing and did a couple big jumps off that. I continued to swim for a while but Susan and I were bringing up the rear again so we doubled up in the kayak with 15 minutes to go until our pick-up time. I paddled continuously for the next 35 minutes before we finally spotted the pirate flag marking the takeout. Despite the hard push at the end it was a nice day, clear green water the perfect temperature for swimming. Paddling while standing up in our kayaks was fun too.
Mom at dinner
Roger's daughter
8/4/2007 NH - Sunny, low 80s, breezy. Rode from Fourth Iron up to the top of Crawford Notch with Sarah and John. Beautiful weather, breezy and comfortable. Roger's bike doesn't have a computer on it but I figure I exceeded 50mph descending the first steep pitch coming down from the notch.
20 min up the Auto Road
20 min from the summit
8/5/2007 NH - Sunny, 70s. Beautiful clear dry day. I ran the Mt Washington Auto Road in the morning, 2:10 up, 1:30 down. On many of the steep sections it was just as fast to walk as to run. Creeping wintergreen and alpine blueberries ripe; few flowers other than goldenrod.
The boys on Baldface
The girls on Baldface
8/6/2007 NH - Rain, 60s. The day began sunny but with rain in the forecast. The boys and I and Matt drove over to Maine to hike the South Baldface trail. We started rather late and hiked quickly, no time for birding though I pointed out a hairy woodpecker and a couple of warbler songs to Matt. By the time Matt and I reached the shelter rain was starting to fall. While we sat in the shelter with a family from Pennsylvania, debating whether or not to continue up the mountain, a group of early teenage girls showed up in shorts and cotton T-shirts, waited briefly for their college-age leaders, then took off up the trail. Matt prudently decided he didn't want to scramble up the ledges in the rain so he turned back but I figured if the girls could do it, so could we and besides, they might need some assistance, so we followed them up the mountain. We caught them right away at the first ledge. They were scrambling and slipping and dropping water bottles so we helped them up the first step. The boys continued on ahead but I stayed with the girls, helping them on the difficult pitches, advising them to put on extra clothing and watching them to make sure no-one got too cold. When the leader's camera failed I took group pictures. Up on the ridge the boys built tall cairns and I took pictures in the rain.
Daniel over Baldface
Blueberries on Baldface
The girls in Emerald Pool
At the knoll the rain let up and we caught up to the girls again. I advised them to descend the longer but easier Slippery Brook trail rather than descend the ledges. We followed them down, lingering only briefly to pick a few handfuls of blueberries. Back near the trailhead I showed them the Emerald Pool and they posed for a photo in the water. The leaders kept the enthusiasm up despite the cold rain and most of their charges followed suit. Later I heard from Kaylin that the girls said it was the best experience they had all summer at camp. They brightened up our day some too.
Daniel over Boott Spur
Daniel over the Saco
Daniel wading up the Saco
8/6/2007 NH - pc, 70's. Kirsten, Daniel, David and I hiked up to Boott Spur then drove over to the gorge swimming hole on the Saco. Quite a few mosquitos in the woods along the river.
Hoverfly over Echinacea
Flowers from the garden
8/9/2007 NH - sunny, 70's. David and I took pictures of butterflies and hover flies on the Tracy's flowers in the morning before we packed up to fly back to Seattle.
8/15/2007 As soon as we returned from New hampshire we drove down to Bend Oregon to visit the boys' cousin Silas and so I could run the Haulin Aspen marathon. We stayed at the Inn of the Seventh Mountain in a condo overlooking pine forest with the Deschutes river in the distance. It was a wonderful stay. I ran the marathon, took a bunch of photos and had a great time. The last 12 miles of single-track descent were fun to run though I got tired and stiff towards the end. Post-race food was delicious and the post-race soak in the stream was definitely cold enough to help with recovery.
Haulin Aspen marathon
South Sister crater
Daniel kayaking 1st St
We didn't do much the next day - Susan and I went out birding along the river and the boys and I played tennis - but the second day after the race the boys and I hiked up South Sister. That was a beautiful hike and made up my first double workout in preparation for the Tahoe Triple at the end of September.. We celebrated by eating out at La Rosa Mexican restaurant on College Way - delicious food. We liked it so much we ate there the next night too, sitting out on the patio again after watching Daniel play in the Deschutes at the First Street rapids with a couple of Silas's roommates. Then we said good bye to Silas and drove north as far as Madras where all but one of the motels were full. Surprisingly popular place for a Tuesday night but our room at the Hoffy's Motel behind the Safeway was comfortable and cheap, if not very elegant.
8/19/2007 ovc, rain, cool. The Rattlesnake Lake Marathon went off very successfully. About 20 runners showed up. Monte and I had run the course two days earlier so the sun is shining in all the course photos but for race day the weather was cool and drizzly. No one seemed to mind. David and Daniel helped with timing and aid stations. Susan and Monte (and his family) fixed a delicious lunch and almost everyone stuck around after the race to enjoy it. I thought Susan's Greek salad and vegetarian chili were particularly delicious.
8/23/2007 Salmon fishing.
8/26/2007 ovc, cool, becoming sunny. The Light at the End of the Tunnel Marathon also went off well despite starting about a half hour late. It's tough to put on a marathon and run it as well, even if it's just a little one. Only David helped me, Daniel having gone off to college a couple days earler. Again we had about 20 runners. David bicycled through the tunnel ahead of us and picked up flashlights and clothing at the far end, then drove down to the finish to time us. I had ran my fastest race in two years and could have run even faster had I not dawdled in the first several miles to take pictures and help David a little.
9/8/2007 On the 31'st of August I flew to Salt Lake City, rented a car and drove to Idaho to run the Pocatello Marathon.
Cowboy Jeff
Mile 6
Aid station
The finish
After a decent nights sleep in a cheap motel I drove over before dawn to the park where the race would be finishing, and from where buses would drive us up to the start. Few people and no buses were there when I arrived but the night was comfortable and overhead, dramatic fireball meteors periodically streaked across the sky leaving bright trails behind them. The race itself was beautiful for the first half, a bit drab and warm in the second half. I ran much of it with Cowboy Jeff Bishton and Little Leslie. Very nice free massage at the finish.
Teton Marathon mile 3
"Running" the Teton Marathon
That afternoon I drove over to Driggs Idaho to the Pines Motel and the next day ran the Teton Marathon, a tough one with 5000' of vertical gain/loss. More a long hike than a run. I ran the middle section with a woman from Philadelphia who was doing the 100 miler - 4 loops of the marathon course. She was doing surprisingly well considering she'd been running all night long. The last 7 miles I ran with Little Leslie again. We finished in about 7 hours and Leslie won a nice painted tile for her efforts.
Monday morning I packed up my backpack in my room at the Pines and headed off to the Wind Rivers for a 5-day backpacking trip, concluding with the MidMountain marathon in Park City Utah before returning to Salt Lake City and flying home again.
MidMountain marathon mile 3
MidMountain was another tough one with lots of elevation gain and loss on fairly rough trails. I fell twice in the first few miles before I figured out that I couldn't look at the scenery and run at the same time. Then late in the race a tendon in my lower left shin became quite sore. I chilled it in an icy little creek around mile 19 and ran lopsidedly the rest of the way down to the finish.

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