Christmas Letter 2006

Brian, Susan, Daniel and David (and goats Wheezer and Striper and cat Pusstopher)

Brian with his half-sister Jenny and father George, who was diagnosed w/ colon cancer in Dec 2005. He died in August 2006 but not before finding Jesus as his Savior. We are comforted knowing that we shall see him again.

At the end of June we flew to the west coast of Newfoundland to visit Brian's Dad and his family and to do some sightseeing. Gross Morne National Park was one of our destinations, where on a rainy day the boys built cairns along the shore at Lobster Point.


David juggling clubs on the first day of our April visit to Brian's parents in NH. The next day it snowed and we built an igloo (visible at right) right where David had been juggling.

Susan, David, Daniel and Brian at Daniel's graduation from Charles Wright Academy in early June. David has two more years at CWA.


Daniel's cup David's drawing Brian's rock

Daniel completed a beginning ceramics course this year at CWA and loved it so much that he took another course over the summer concluding with an opportunity to enter a piece, the cup pictured above, in a firing of a professional cooperative wood-fired kiln.

David began doing pen-and-ink drawings during his art course sophomore year but recently switched to working digitally on his laptop. This piece was done over Christmas vacation along with about 20 others, all of which he has uploaded to a shared art site online.

Brian collects, cuts and polishes rocks, mostly agate and petrified wood. The piece of limestone pictured above came from the floor of a cave above Snoqualmie Pass.


October Monarch Friendly Moose

The Monarch butterfly was resting on a chrysanthemum in front of the Administration building at Proctor Academy in NH where Daniel is doing a post-graduate senior year.

The cow moose was grazing on ferns in Brian's parent's back yard in New Hampshire during our visit in August.


Brian at mile 21 of marathon 12 for the year. He joined Marathon Maniacs after the Capitol City marathon in May.

Daniel grabs over deep powder at Crystal Mt during Thanksgiving break. Crystal received over 4' of new snow in the 3 days prior to Thanksgiving.