Photos from the Tri Cities Marathon, Oct 28, 2007

I wanted to see if I had another sub-3:30 in me for Tri Cities, and sure enough I did but I had to work hard for it this time. The weather was perfect - calm, cool and sunny. The Columbia was peaceful and bright and the waterfowl well-behaved. The course was well-marked and the aid stations well-spaced and well-staffed. I started out too fast and felt tired and a little queasy in the first third of the race. As in the last two races I felt strong in the middle third but unlike at Maine and Hartford, I had to really push to hold an 8 minute pace in the last third. A side stitch, my first ever in a marathon, forced me to walk for a minute or so around mile 23. Fortunately it cleared up completely and the little rest rejuvenated me for the last three miles. I didn't take any pictures after the first few miles but photographed some of the many award-winning Maniacs at the finish.
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