Photos from Lake Lilian/Rampart Ridge hike w/ Tim

On 9/23/07 Tim and I hiked to the Rampart Lakes and back via the Mt Margaret/Lake Lilian trail just east of Snoqualmie Pass. We set out from the wrong end of the parking lot, wandered up through open woods with huckleberries, then up through some old-growth forest, across a logging road and up a gentle scree slope to a prolific patch of huckleberries. We picked in the fog and wind until our fingers were numb then continued up to the ridge and hit the real trail. Lots of mushrooms including numerous huge but rotting Boletus edulis. The clouds moving over from the west were stingy with the sunbreaks but we caught a few after we passed Lake Lilian and reached Rampart Ridge. On the way back we dropped down to Lake Lilian from a higher pass and circled around the west end of the lake. Nice sunbreaks as the sun dipped below the cloudbank to the west, then cold fog again along the ridge. We descended to the parking lot by the lingering light of sunset augmented by the rising nearly-full moon.
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