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Trip Report at Mendocino areas,  Oct 21 2010  09:30

Site description:
This site includes Mendocino and the adjacent coastal areas to the north and south. Highlights for birding include the Big and Little Rivers, the Mendocino Headlands and Van Damme State Park.

Trip description: Mendocino Bay Headlands 2010-10-21
Followed trails through meadows, brush and small groves of pines along the headlands on the south side of town overlooking Mendocino Bay, from below the Mendocino Hotel as far east as the steps down to the Big River Beach.
Carried binoculars but mostly used the camera. Carried notebook and recorded species in the field but some of the counts afterwards so species list is accurate but counts are at best not rigorous. Some of the photos were taken a little later in the day in the same spot.

Altogether I saw or heard a total of 31 species during a 90 minute count period.
Surf Scoter2Around offshore rocks
Common Loon1Large loon flying over the bay. A second loon appeared quite a bit smaller, perhaps a red-throated?
Brandt's Cormorant-1Of mixed group of 30 cormorants on offshore rock, at least a few, and probably most of them, were Brandt's.
Pelagic Cormorant-1Mixed group of 30 cormorants on offshore rock. At least 5 were Pelagics.
Turkey Vulture2Overhead
Western Gull5Flying by
California Gull30Flock resting in bay. Fairly large gull w/ sharply-contrasting black wingtips
Glaucous-winged Gull2In flight, roosting on offshore rock
Anna's Hummingbird2
Black Phoebe1Trees and tall bushes
Hutton's Vireo1Maybe more, mistaken for Ruby-crowned Kinglets in the field.
Steller's Jay2Pines
Western Scrub-Jay1
Common Raven2Overhead
Chestnut-backed Chickadee5Flock in pines
Bushtit10Flock in brush and trees
Pygmy Nuthatch10Flock moving through pines, stashing seeds in bark crevices.
Brown Creeper1Pines
Ruby-crowned Kinglet5Foraging in pines and brush
American Robin3Flying over
Wrentit1Scolding in thicket
European Starling5Small flock at edge of town
Cedar Waxwing2Flying by
Yellow-rumped Warbler15Foraging in bushes
Savannah Sparrow1Grassy headland
Fox Sparrow5Mostly in brush
Song Sparrow3
Lincoln's Sparrow2Brush
White-crowned Sparrow5Brush
Brewer's Blackbird2Along road
House Finch1Calling
Additional Sightings
House Sparrow3(12:30)  Calling in blackberry thickets along Main St
Golden-crowned Kinglet1(13:10)  In Douglas fir above Big River beach
Red-tailed Hawk1(14:30)  Soaring over Big River beach
Canada Goose2(15:00)  Flying by headlands
Trip photos
Mendocino hotel
Trail east
Thickets, pine grove, Big River beach
Headlands and Big River beach
Brandt's cormorants
Pelagic Cormorant on left, Double-crested at center
Imm Yellow-rumped Warbler
Imm Yellow-rumped Warbler