Brianpen Birds


Trip Report at Bottcher Gap,  Apr 27 2010  08:30

Site description:
Bottcher Gap campground sits on Skinner Ridge at 2100' at the head of Palo Colorado canyon, about 7 miles as the condor flies north of Pfieffer Big Sur state park.Oak and madrone woodlands dominate with limited areas of chapparal and ridgetop meadows. Significant areas of forest and chapparal burned in 2008, though not immediately around the campground.

Trip description: Skinner Ridge 4/27/2010
Hiked up Skinner Ridge trail about 3 miles from Bottcher Gap campground. Birds fairly quiet under increasing overcast. It began to rain shortly before I reached the ridge so I didn't watch birds on the way back down.

Altogether I saw or heard a total of 26 species during a 150 minute count period.
Mountain Quail8Calling in chapparal and open woods. Up on top of the ridge as it began to rain several were calling together, as if duetting.
California Quail5Around campground
Red-tailed Hawk1Over chapparal
Band-tailed Pigeon3Treetops
Mourning Dove2Calling
Anna's Hummingbird4Singing, woods openings and edges. Some unidentified.
Acorn Woodpecker9Solitary and in small groups in open woods, mostly high in trees.
Nuttall's Woodpecker3Woods
Hairy Woodpecker1Calling in woods
Northern Flicker3Woods and chapparal edges
Pacific-slope Flycatcher3Singing in woods
Ash-throated Flycatcher3in Madrone woods.
Warbling Vireo3Singing in woods
Steller's Jay15Common, widespread and vocal
Western Scrub-Jay5Chapparal and edges
Oak Titmouse3Open oak woods on ridge
Bewick's Wren1Singing in brushy woods
American Robin1Singing near campground
Wrentit7Singing in open woods and chapparal
California Thrasher2Singing in chapparal
Orange-crowned Warbler2Singing in woods
Spotted Towhee4Singing in chapparal
California Towhee3Chapparal
Dark-eyed Junco4Singing in woods and edges
Black-headed Grosbeak5Singing in woods and chapparal edges
Additional Sightings
Great Horned Owl1(02:00)  Calling near the campground during the night