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Trip Report at Randolph Collier Rest Area,  Apr 23 2010  07:15

Site description:
The Randolph Collier rest area along I-5 at the junction with Hwy 96 in the Klamath River valley in northern California. Steep hills, narrow valleys. Chapparal, forest, narrow riparian. The rest area consists of lawns planted with a variety of trees. Willow, Ash, Sycamore and oaks were common along the river.

Trip description: Randolph Collier rest area 4/10
On our way south to the Big Sur Marathon we stopped at the Randolph E Collier rest area along the Klamath River at the junction of I-5 and California Hwy 96. I heard birds singing so while Susan slept in the car I took the tripod and camera and chased birds up and down the river bank. Lots of bird activity.
Warblers, particularly yellow-rumped and Nashville, and the Northern Orioles seemed to prefer to forage in the flower clusters of the California Buckeye.

Altogether I saw or heard a total of 33 species during a 120 minute count period.
Canada Goose2Pair across the river
Wood Duck2Pair on tree, later flying downriver
Common Merganser3Along the river
Double-crested Cormorant2Flew upriver
Great Blue Heron1Flew downriver
Ring-billed Gull13Loose flock, loosely paired up, in rest area. After we fed them some bread they dispersed but continued to monitor our activity.
Rock Pigeon2By the hwy 96 bridge
Mourning Dove1Calling in trees
Lewis's Woodpecker2Pair in trees at upper end of rest area and across the river.
Acorn Woodpecker1Flew up to hillside across the river. Short nasal calls.
Downy Woodpecker2In trees and willows along river.
Northern Flicker1In rest area
Western Kingbird2Trees in and around lawns
Western Scrub-Jay1Heard on hillside across the river
American Crow2In rest area
Common Raven1Over ridges across the river
Tree Swallow10Over and along the river
Cliff Swallow30Nesting under the hwy 96 bridge, foraging higher up than the tree swallows
Black-capped Chickadee2Bushes along the river
American Robin2Lawns
Orange-crowned Warbler2Foraging in trees along the river.
Nashville Warbler5Foraging, mostly high in trees, along the river. Seemed to prefer Buckeye flower clusters.
Yellow Warbler2Foraging and singing in trees and bushes along the river
Yellow-rumped Warbler20Foraging and singing mostly in trees along the river
Western Tanager1Male in trees along the river
Song Sparrow1Singing along river
Black-headed Grosbeak1Song and calls heard briefly
Red-winged Blackbird5Along the river
Brewer's Blackbird15Widespread, males displaying.
Brown-headed Cowbird2Treetops, heard, then later seen.
Bullock's Oriole5Foraging mostly in Buckeyes
House Finch10Flock in rest area
Lesser Goldfinch5Individuals and pairs foraging in trees.
Additional Sightings
Golden Eagle2(11:30)  Pair soaring over Klamath river valley a mile or two S of the I-5 Hwy 96 junction
Turkey Vulture2(11:40)  Over I-5 about 5 miles S of the rest area at the I-5 Hwy 96 junction
Trip photos
Wood Duck drake
Wood Duck hen
Ring-billd Gulls
Ring-billed Gulls
Lewis's Woodpeckers mating
Lewis's Woodpecker
Western Kingbird
Western Kingbird
Orange-crowned Warbler
Orange-crowned Warbler
Nashville Warbler
Nashville Warbler
Yellow Warbler
Yellow Warbler
Yellow-rumped Warbler
Yellow-rumped Warbler
Western Tanager
Brewer's Blackbird male
Brewer's Blackbird female
Bullock's Oriole
Bullock's Oriole