Brianpen Birds


Trip Report at Home,  Feb 28 2010  08:00

Site description:
Home - about 2 acres of field, garden and landscaped yard on the Auburn-Enumclaw plateau. The field hosts solitary pine, cottonwood and ash trees, hazelnut and quince bushes and a brushy fenceline. The house is enclosed by trees - a cedar tree out front, a line of Lombardy-type poplars just west of the house, a fir, blue spruce, big-leaf maple and sequoiah on the east side and a grove of Douglas fir on the north side. Dense rhododendron and juniper grow under the trees on the east and north of the house. Neighboring properties include fields and pastures, some with standing water in the winter, and small deciduous woodlots along with residential yards. Seed and suet feeders attract birds in the winter.

Trip description: Home 2020-02-28
Watched feeders, walked around the property
Lots of noise from juncos, robins, siskins. New all-time yardbird - Western Meadowlark, singing in pasture to the east, later verified. Cottonwood catkins recently expanded. Quince covered w/ pink buds, a few of them open. Daffodils starting to flower.

Altogether I saw or heard a total of 22 species during a 60 minute count period.
Canada Goose100Several flocks headed west after their breakfast in the pasture to the east.
Merlin1Stocky falcon shape, rapid wingbeats and flight, flew over from west, dove down (I think) over Tedrick's field, but not seen well.
Downy Woodpecker2Pair? from across the street.
Northern Flicker2Including yellow-shafted male.
Steller's Jay2Calling in distance
American Crow5
Black-capped Chickadee5
Red-breasted Nuthatch2Calling
Ruby-crowned Kinglet1Calling (and seen) in woodlot across the street.
American Robin7One singing
European Starling1In maple by feeder. Big flocks over in pasture to the east.
Spotted Towhee4
Song Sparrow2Singing
White-throated Sparrow1In quince bush, then flew next door.
Golden-crowned Sparrow6Mostly along driveway
Dark-eyed Junco20Around feeder and in garden
Western Meadowlark1Singing (authentic sounding, not starling) in pasture to the east, later verified by sight (there were 8)
House Finch8Around feeder
Pine Siskin6At feeder
Evening Grosbeak2Calling overhead
House Sparrow3Making noise around nest box